Stretchable electroluminescent stopwatch display sits like a tattoo on your skin

Unique stretchable electroluminescent stopwatch that sits on the skin like a tattoo has been developed providing an easy way to monitor data from the back of your hand. New research into alternating-current electroluminescent (ACEL) display technology has taken the concept one step closer to reality.

While most displays require well over 100VAC to produce sufficient brightness, scientists have worked to get this number down into the 10-35V range, explains the Arduino website. Enabling the technology to be used much closer to the human skin than previously. The technical explanation below explains more.

“Stretchable alternating current electroluminescent display is an emerging form of light-emitting device by combining elasticity with optoelectronic properties. The practical implementations are currently impeded by the high operating voltages required to achieve sufficient brightness. In this study, we report the development of dielectric nanocomposites by filling surface-modified ceramic nanoparticles into polar elastomers, which exhibit a series of desirable attributes, in terms of high permittivity, mechanical deformability, and solution processability.

Dielectric nanocomposite effectively concentrates electric fields onto phosphor to enable low-voltage operation of stretchable electroluminescent display, thereby alleviating safety concerns toward wearable applications. The practical feasibility is demonstrated by an epidermal stopwatch that allows intimate integration with the human body. The high-permittivity nanocomposites reported here represent an attractive building block for stretchable electronic systems, which may find broad range of applications in intrinsically stretchable transistors, sensors, light-emitting devices, and energy-harvesting devices.”

Source: Stretchable electroluminescent stopwatch display sits like a tattoo on your skin

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