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Hey there! This is my first Instructable. The Quiz buzzer plans kicked off when my colleague, who also hosts a game show asked for people who could build a Quiz Buzzer. I took upon this project and with the help of few friends (Blaze and Errol) and Arduino i was able to accomplish this. Currently, this buzzer supports 2 players but can be easily extended to upto 9 Players by modifying the code and adding more Pushbuttons. It cost me about INR 1500 ($21) and with all the details, parts and plans i took about 3 hours to get it done.

Step 1: Gather All the Materials

You will need

* 1 X Arduino Uno

* 1 X RED LED Matrix Display with MAX 7219 Driver

* 3 X 220 Ohm Resistors

* 1 X Perf Board

* 3 X Spring Push Speaker Terminal

* 3 X Push Button

* 15 meter twisted wire

* Project Box

* 10 X M3 Mounting Screw and Nuts

Step 2: The Circuit

Solder the Resistors and Wires on the Perf Board according to the schematic. Also, solder wires to the LED Matrix .

Step 3: Make the Handheld Pushbutton

Here I’m going to use a 7″ length of PVC Pipe with two end caps on either side. A hole is drilled into one of the endcaps to secure the pushbutton. Additionally hot glue is used after soldering the wires to secure the contacts. On the other endcap a hole is drilled to pass the 5 meter long wire, i made a knot so that the contacts don’t come off when the wires are pulled. The end of the wired are stripped off the insulation and coated with lead solder.

Step 4: Upload the Code

Connect the Arduino Uno to the computer and upload the code.

Step 5: Prepare the Project Box

I bought an empty Battery Eliminator Box and spray painted it black. Drilled holes to attach the speaker terminals and two vertical slits to attach the LED matrix display. The front portion has one speaker terminal terminal which will be used to reset the buzzer and the back contains two terminals for the contestants

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