Soundlazer “Snap” – The Directional Parametric Speaker

Focus a beam of sound at objects or into your head! This project is a follow up to my widely successful previous Kickstarter campaign.


The Directional Parametric Speaker

The Soundlazer directional audio project is the continuation of my first and very successful project here on Kickstarter.   I developed the Soundlazer “Snap” during my quest to lower the cost of this amazing technology and give backers the opportunity to explore new possibilities in directional audio.


Parametric speakers like the Soundlazer are directional speaker systems.  They use ultrasonic carrier waves to transmit audio to listeners in a focused beam of sound that acts like light from a laser. Generally speaking, only the person standing in front of a parametric speaker can hear the audio being transmitted. People to the sides of the directional audio source hear little or no sound.

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This is not a retail product.  It is intended for people who love to play with new technologies.  The Snap is a cost and performance optimized version of the original Soundlazer model #SL-01.  It’s designed in a style that makes it perfect for electronics hobbyists, inventors, hackers and anyone else that likes to play with technology.  No expensive or complicated digital signal processors or fancy case to add to the cost.  This model is just the basic electronics needed for good quality directional audio with a snap together stand.  If you are looking for the more expensive directional speaker with all the bells and whistles of the original Soundlazer including a complex digital signal processor, be sure to check out the one from my original Kickstarter project HERE.

A simple design makes it easy to experiment and learn about parametric speakers.


It has been a difficult process to make directional audio available at such a low cost. It has taken a few years to come up with the correct design while improving the sound quality of the ultrasonic beam. Because of these innovations, the Soundlazer Snap uses the latest in digital amplifier technology in order to achieve an audio quality that will amaze anyone listening as the beam bounces around a room or into people’s heads.

The Directional Parametric Speaker


The original Soundlazer is actually a more complex version of the “Snap”. The “Snap” is a lower cost unit with a custom designed audio filter for the best possible sound.  I created this project to drive the price of this new technology down and offer models for everyone’s budget.  Each unit stands on its own and both models are good ways to learn about parametric speaker technology.  The Soundlazer SL-01 is the big brother to the snap and you can get one now at the website.  The original Soundlazer is more expensive but it is also more complex.  It comes in a red aluminum case or as a bare board and uses a digital signal processor with custom audio algorithms.  You can even modify the firmware to shape the incoming audio to sound the way you want.  If you are looking to save money, then the “Snap” is the right product for you.  Either way, there is a Soundlazer model to fit your budget and needs.


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