Solar Tracker Relay circuit using Arduino

I’ve reached the point where I need to think how I’m going to control the motor & linear actuator for my solar tracker.
Things to consider –
Must be able to go forwards and backwards – so that makes 4 channels, 2 for each motor.
Must be able to provide enough power to drive the motors.
 Solar Tracker Relay circuit
Originally I looked at an H-Bridge Circuit, and I did buy one, but I had lots of problems with getting it to reverse the motors, so I gave up.

I’ve now decided Relays are the way to go.

I bought this relay shield from Ebay for about £6.
It’s 4 channels and is very well built.
Relays are easily driven from the 5volts off the Arduino.

Here is circuit diagram for the 4 Channel Relay module.
It’s pretty easy to connect up.

The arduino supplies power to the relay switches, but not the motors.
You need to connect a power supply to the other side of the relays. I use a 12V DC power supply, but you could use whatever you like.
Tip! – You could alter the voltage of this power supply to speed up or slow down your motors.
Solar Tracker Relay circuit
Remember – If you want a bigger diagram, please fill out your email address on the left and I’ll happily send you a larger version of this image plus loads of others.

Here you can see a picture of it all connected.
There is only one motor connected as I was testing at this stage


For more detail:  Solar Tracker Relay circuit


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