Simple RFID based Door Lock using Arduino

Its quiet fun to work with RFID based projects! In the previous article, we saw how to interface RFID with Arduino. Interfacing is the first step to create any useful project. So why don’t we create an RFID based Access Control System or an RFID based Door Lock using Arduino? The system I have designed here is a simple version of the project. This project can be enhanced with a lot of features (which I will be doing in the next version of this project – Advanced RFID based Door Lock). So lets begin!

Simple RFID based Door Lock using Arduino

Note:- You must read and do Interfacing RFID Reader with Arduino before proceeding with this project!

The circuit diagram to build this Simple RFID based Door Lock is given below. It’s the same circuit we used for interfacing tutorial. We will be enhancing this project with an LCD Module Display towards the end of this article. For the time being we will use Serial Monitor to display outputs.

So that’s the circuit diagram! You need nothing more than this when you use Serial Monitor for output display. We need an LCD Display to make this project stand alone. So we will be wiring the LCD towards end of this article.

About the System Design

An RFID based Door Lock is based on some simple concepts. We store a set of RFID card data in our system, say 3 or 10 RFID card data. When the person with the right RFID card (compatible to data preloaded in our program/system) come and swipes his RFID tag, access will be granted. When the person with the wrong RFID card (whose data is not loaded in our system) swipes his RFID tag, access will be denied. I hope you understand the system concept of RFID based Door Lock.


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