Project X – Smart home control using Arduino

Project X – Smart home control using Arduino is all about automating your home smartly. Imagine your home responding to external condition by altering itself and that’s exactly what this project enables your home to do. Also this product features manual control just in case if you don’t want everything to be automatic.



  1. Turn the required appliances on/off as soon as someone enters the room(Even for multiple people)
  2. If there is a person inside the room and the temperature inside room rises above threshold temperature (Predefined temperature or can be changed during operation) the fan turns on.
  3.  If you want to manually turn lights/fan/any other device on/off but right from where you are without reaching the switch board you can do that with the small IR remote controller.


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. IR receiver
  3. Lm35 Temperature Sensor
  4. 3-relay
  5. 3-npn Transistor
  6. 2 – LRD 10k ohm(Light Dependent Resistor)
  7. 2 Light Source For LDR (Laser Diodes recommended)
  8. Wires
  9. IR Remote From LED strip controller


  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Hot Glue gun


For this smart home control mount two LDR’s on the door frame of the room on one side at somewhat 120cm above floor and on the other side of the door frame light source is mounted at the same height as the ldr.

So when the person enter the room the values of resistance of first ldr changes, then of second ldr, after that value of first value revert back and second ldr follows. These series of values are interpreted by Arduino and this cycle means a person has entered room. While exiting room this cycle happens but in opposite order. This is how arduino gets how many people are there in the room.

Arduino continuously takes temperature reading from lm35 and turns fan on once temperature rise above set temp.


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