Phoenard: World’s 1st Arduino-compatible Prototyping Gadget

The ultimate combination of an Arduino-compatible board and your day-to-day Gadget in one handheld Device.

Phoenard is an All-in-one Arduino-compatible prototyping Gadget powered by an 8-bit AVR ATMEGA2560, identical to the one you find in Arduino Mega. It is essentially a pocket-sized prototyping platform which you can use as the ‘brain’ in your projects, similar to using an Arduino. BUT, it has a lot more features built into a single case developed in such a way that you can use it as your day-to-day Gadget.

World's 1st Arduino-compatible Prototyping GadgetBeing All-in-one, it has everything that every true maker has been dreaming of:

  • Rich Features: Self-programmed, Full-color touchscreen display, on-board battery and much more are included
  • Portability: Being pocket-sized with dimension only 11.8 x 6.1 x 1.1 cm, making it comfortable to bring along with you
  • ‘Operating Environment’: Not only introducing an ease to the user, but its OE making the Phoenard a one-of-a-kind product
  • Multi-functionality: Stop putting away your development board when left unused; slide Phoenard into your pocket as your Gadget instead
  • On-Board Course: Perfect for starting prototypers. No need to have programming skills or have a computer with you, as the Phoenard itself can guide you
  • 100% Arduino-Compatible: No need to worry about compatibility issues, as it is powered by the same Microcontroller and protocol as the Arduino Mega
  • Extendability: Easy access to your project with Phoenard extensions, simply plug-and-play and run your sketches

Phoenard is essentially for everyone who is passionate about making and/or for those who is looking for a great tools to get started in electronics and programming.

  • Educators and lab instructors will find Phoenard a useful tool to let students explore the world of electronics, the use of sketches making deliverables and preset software an ease
  • Students can use Phoenard as a gadget to play with in their spare time and with friends
  • Engineers can use Phoenard to test and debug their projects, making use of the many hardware features available
  • Parents looking for the latest learning tools for their kids may turn to Phoenard to let the on-board courses speak for themselves
  • And of course last but not least, any maker, hobbyist, hacker, developer, midnight engineer should have noticed that Phoenard is for them even before reading this sentence.
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For more detail: Phoenard: World’s 1st Arduino-compatible Prototyping Gadget

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