Monitor IC optimizes board energy consumption

A four-channel PMBus digital power-system manager IC, the LTC2975 from Linear Technology, performs current, power, and energy monitoring of the intermediate-bus input to point-of-load (POL) converters.

Monitor IC optimizes board energy consumption

The device relieves the host of burdensome computation and poling by providing the energy consumed, reported in joules, and the elapsed time through a PMBus interface. When combined with its digital measurements of POL output voltages, current, and power, the input data enables long-term monitoring of a power system’s conversion efficiency.

The LTC2975 adds software-based monitoring and control to the power system on FPGA, ASIC, and DSP boards, enhancing system reliability and optimizing board energy consumption. Supply output voltages are trimmed, margined, and monitored using a 16-bit ADC with 0.25% total unadjusted error. Supply sequencing, supervision, and EEPROM fault-logging are built in. Faults trigger EEPROM black-box recording to simplify failure analysis.

Multiple LTC2975 ICs can be connected together to sequence and fault-manage more than four rails. Several PMBus-compatible commands are furnished for flexible programming and data read-back of the power system. Register configuration is accomplished through the LTpowerPlay development environment.


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