MIDI Bass Pedal Arduino Encoder using arduino


The MIDI Bass Pedal circuit is capable of encoding any number of momentary action, push to make, single pole single throw (SPST), switches from 1 up to 30 to produce the equivalent MIDI note-on/note-off data commands. The encoded switches are wired via IN4148 diodes. The keys are arranged in an 6 x 5 (30 keys) matrix, for up to a two and a half octave range.

MIDI Bass Pedal Arduino EncoderTheĀ  MIDI start NoteĀ  is set toĀ  C1 (Note 24), but any different start note can be pre-programmed if required. The MIDI channel (1 to 16) is set using the 4-way DIP switch, see Table. The encoded switches are wired via IN4148 diodes, see switches schematic.

This unit can be connected to new bass pedals or it can be used with an older non-MIDI bass pedals by using magnetic/reed switches to isolate the old and new scanning circuits. This will allow the older bass pedal synthesizer to continue to operate as normal while also providing a MIDI output.

The MIDI Bass Pedal Arduino Unit consists of:

  • An assembled Arduino Board
  • An assembledĀ  MIDI IN & OUT circuit Board,
  • A MIDI 5-pin DIN output socket,
  • A MIDI 5-pin DIN input socket,
  • 2 Male Headers x6,
  • 1 Male Header x8,
  • A power-on LED,
  • A 4-way DIP switch which selects the MIDI channel at power-on, see Table 1
  • The velocity byte is preset to the maximum value,
  • The start Note of the keyboard encoder is preset to C2 (Note 36), but may be programmed to any value on request,
  • A 2.1mm power socket, and associated LED.

MIDI Bass Pedal Arduino Encoder

DIP Switch Selections

4 3 2 1
on on on on 1
on on on off 2
on on off on 3
on on off off 4
on off on on 5
on off on off 6
on off off on 7
on off off off 8
off on on on 9
off on on off 10
off on off on 11
off on off off 12
off off on on 13
off off on off 14
off off off on 15
off off off off 16

Table 1 MIDI Channels


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