Maker LED Display offers an Arduino programmable Internet connected LED matrix

If you searching for an LED matrix for your next project or to add to an existing application you may be interested to know that the Maker LED Display is now available to purchase from the Crowd Supply website priced from $39 or a 32 x 9 pixel LED matrix or $59 for a larger 64 x 9 pixel LED matrix. The Maker LED display has been specifically designed and built to help make using LED matrix displays in your projects as easy as possible. Check out the overview video below to learn more about what you can expect from the two different versions that can display white, blue, red, green, orange or purple depending on your preference.

 The ready to use, fully assembled circuit board has everything you need to run a display – just plug it in! Using and customizing the display is easy, with a specially written Arduino library and a dozen pre-made examples. Maker LED display also has Wi-Fi so it can connect to the internet to retrieve and display information. Choose between 32 x 9 pixels or 64 x 9 pixels versions and choose an LED color: white, blue, red, green, orange or purple.”

Have you ever found yourself constantly checking the same data source? The number of retweets on your latest Twitter post? The stock price you invested in last week? Weather maybe? Or that Bitcoin just bought, but can’t stop checking if it reached $100k already? Since Maker LED Matrix is connectable to the internet, you can simply have any data shown at the display! Or just show any other message, picture, or animation on it. “

“Maker display is 100% open source, including both hardware and software. The Open Source Hardware (OSH) files, include board schematics and Eagle .sch and .brd files. You want to know what and how exactly the board is working? Want to make your own version of this board? Want to connect new circuits? Thanks to these files, you will be able to.”

Features of the Arduino LED Matrix include :

– Single-color 32 x 9 or 64 x 9 LED matrix display with several color options
– ESP8266 controllable and programmable via Arduino
– Includes an Arduino library that enables: show text, scroll text, show 8-bit .bmp image, make animations, get info from a website/API, change brightness etc.
– Two or four IS31FL3731 LED matrix drivers
– USB or Li-ion battery power, including an onboard battery charger
– Unused ESP8266 accessible from pins on board for further hacking
– An .stl file for 3D-printable enclosure is available

For full specifications jump over to the Crowd Supply project page by following the link below.

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