Make A 64×16 RED LED Marquee Using Arduino

The purpose of this small scale LED marquee is to display messages to our classroom in a more modern and centralized way. In the classroom, this construction would save white board space and is convenient because it can store a large amount of information. It is also fairly simple to program and has a mount, making it easy to place anywhere within the classroom setting.

Step 1: Materials

The first step of this project is to gather all the materials necessary to assemble your miniature marquee.

64x16 RED LED Marquee

  • 1 64×16 LED matrix that can be ordered here.
  • Access to a 3D modeling computer program such as SolidWorks in which you will be able to create the mount for the Marquee and the containment box for the Arduino processor
  • 1 Arduino UNO processor and Arduino coding software
  • 1 9v battery
  • 9 male-female pin cables

Step 2: Construct your Marquee mount

Using your 3D software, design a mount and Arduino processor containment box.

We have provided our own measurements for both the mount and the containment box but feel free to make your own adjustments.

Print out your designs.

Step 3: Schematic/Pin Assignments

The Pin assignments are as followed (as well as included in the code):











Step 4: Program your Marquee and add power

Attached is the Arduino code that we used for our marquee.

Adjust our provided code to your purpose and upload your message into your Arduino.

Using a battery power adapter, connect your Arduino processor to your nine volt battery to power up your marquee!


For more detail: Make A 64×16 RED LED Marquee Using Arduino


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