Linear Tech octal ADC cuts power in basestations


The LTM®9011-14/LTM9010-14/LTM9009-14 are 8-channel, simultaneous sampling 14-bit A/D converters designed for digitizing high frequency, wide dynamic range signals. AC performance includes 73.1dB SNR and 88dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR). Low power consumption per channel reduces heat in high channel count applications. Integrated bypass capacitance and flow-through pinout reduces overall board space requirements.

DC specs include ±1LSB INL (typ), ±0.3LSB DNL (typ) and no missing codes over temperature. The transition noise is a low 1.2LSBRMS.

The digital outputs are serial LVDS to minimize the number of data lines. Each channel outputs two bits at a time (2-lane mode). At lower sampling rates there is a one bit per channel option (1-lane mode).

The ENC+ and ENC inputs may be driven differentially or single-ended with a sine wave, PECL, LVDS, TTL, or CMOS inputs. An internal clock duty cycle stabilizer allows high performance at full speed for a wide range of clock duty cycles.


  • Communications
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Portable Medical Imaging
  • Multichannel Data Acquisition
  • Nondestructive Testing


  • 8-Channel Simultaneous Sampling ADC
  • 73.1dB SNR
  • 88dB SFDR
  • Low Power: 140mW/113mW/94mW per Channel
  • Single 1.8V Supply
  • Serial LVDS Outputs: 1 or 2 Bits per Channel
  • Selectable Input Ranges: 1VP-P to 2VP-P
  • 800MHz Full Power Bandwidth S/H
  • Shutdown and Nap Modes
  • Serial SPI Port for Configuration
  • Internal Bypass Capacitance, No External Components
  • 140-Pin (11.25mm × 9mm) BGA Package

Linear Tech octal ADC cuts power in basestations

Linear Technology has introduced a range of octal 14-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) which offer low power consumption of between 94 to 140mW per channel.

The LTM9011-14 octal 14-bit, 125Msample/s ADC draw just 140mW per channel. It has 73.1dB signal to noise ratio (SNR) and 88dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) at baseband.

There is an 80Msample/s version, the LTM9009-14 drawing 94mW per channel and a 105Mssmple/s LTM9010-14 which consumes 113mW per channel.

Operating from 1.8V analogue and digital supplies, the LTM9011 family includes a sleep mode that reduces power dissipation to just 2mW.

These ADCs are intended for multichannel wirless systems such as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) WiMax/LTE and remote radio heads and well as radar, medical imaging and ultrasound applications.

Outputs are in serial LVDS. At 125Mssample/s, each channel outputs two bits at a time, using two lanes per ADC. At sample rates below 62Msample/s, a one bit per channel option is available.


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