Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSM

In the days of technology postman still comes to our house for delivering the letters, couriers and parcels. Because some things like courier, parcels can’t sends via email and by using any other electronic media. So for getting notification of our letter delivery in our mail box here we design an intelligent mail/letter box, which provides notification of delivery of letters in our mail box via message to our mobile phones.

Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSMIn this system an IR pair is used for sensing incoming letter in mail box and a GSM module for sending message to our phone. And a 16×2 LCD display for displaying time and letter box status (empty or not), delivery time, date and a real time clock circuit also is used in this system. And a LED is also configured for indication for letter box empty or not. When post man or any other person insert any letter in mail box IR sensor sense the letter (obstacle) and then Arduino sends commands to GSM module for sending notification message to specified phone number. Now we can collect our letter at that time if possible.


Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSMAt the time we collect letters we have to press a reset button which clears all the entries of letters.And in this system an additional feature is also added in whichdata will not lose after electricity failure. Because in this system Arduino’s EEPROM is used for save/store the delivery time and dates. This system is designed to save only 6 delivery reports of letters. But it may be extend. You can try it yourself. And enjoy this at your home or college.


For more detail: Intelligent Letter Box using Arduino and GSM

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