Indoor NeoPixel Thermometer

Hello! This is a quick, intermediate Arduino project that takes a temperature reading from a TMP36 , reads it onto an LCD screen and gives an “Analog” readout on a Neopixel stick that changes color and number of lights lit every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s easily customizable as NeoPixels can be coded in many ways so the NeoPixel stick can change size and colors every which way a maker would want it to.

Gather Components

For this build you will need an Arduino (any one will do, I used Uno), NeoPixels (can be found here) an LCD screen (I used this one) a TMP36 sensor (or comparable, I used this inexpensive one from Adafruit ) a 1k ohm resistor, a 470 ohm resistor, a potentiometer, a simple momentary switch, F to M jumper wires (for the LCD) and M to M Jumpers (for everything else) and a breadboard.


About The Author

Ibrar Ayyub

I am an experienced technical writer with a Master's degree in computer science from BZU Multan University. I have written for various industries, mainly home automation, and engineering. I have a clear and simple writing style and am skilled in using infographics and diagrams. I am a great researcher and is able to present information in a well-organized and logical manner.

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