How to build a simple Arduino shutter speed tester – by Ethan Moses

I’ve been stuck in my house filling orders for my Kickstarter campaign for the CAMERADACTYL 4×5 Field Camera, mostly just babysitting printers, changing filaments and adjusting extruders every few hours. This has left me with some rare time for tinkering.

Recently I built a cheap, quick and dirty tool to calibrate a project that I was working on. I was adding manual shutter speed adjustment to my Yashica Electro 35 GSN and needed to figure out what resistor values correlated to standard shutter speeds when added to the analog circuit inside my camera. I made a video and wrote about on 35mmc.

Adding manual shutter speeds to Yashica Electro 35 series cameras using Ardiuno

I built the shutter speed tester entirely out of parts that I had on hand, but if you had to buy them new, I think you could do it for well less than $10 (assuming you have enough patience to wait on 60-day shipping from China on Ali-express*).

Here’s the kit list – I am not sponsored by Ali-express or anything like that, and you can find these pieces from different sellers, and also on Amazon or Digikey, these are just examples of what pieces I am using:

You’ll also need my code: visit Github for my tester control code.

* I have adapted and adopted a new holiday, which I call Chinese Chanukah. Here’s how it works: order a bunch of electronics parts from Ali-express, all unbelievably cheap (lasers for 35 cents, sensors for 93¢, microcontrollers for a few bucks) with free shipping across the oceans. Then, you wait about 25 days and there will be well more than 8 days of presents that USPS Santa (in my case, my mailman, Don) drops in your mailbox. No frying in grease or cookie preparations needed. Available year round.

Here’s the finished article:

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