High Sensitivity Light Sensor TSL230R + Arduino

A while back we covered the TEMT6000, a great little analog sensor for getting ambient light readings when you need something a bit more sensitive than a simple Photoresistor. Well in the spirit of documenting everything we can get our hands on, this week we will be taking the sensitivity to the next level with the TSL230R Light Intensity Sensor.

I actually bought this a long time ago simply because it looked awesome. I mean really… How often do you see a clear chip? That was enough, I had to have it. Well, aside from looking downright awesome, it is also an incredibly sensitive digital light sensor. This awesome guy is sensitive enough to be used for photography light metering, or be able to tell when someone walks by a lamp on the other side of the room. Also, to top it all off, it actually has 3 sensitivity settings, so if you are in a low-light situation, it has you covered!

Hooking it up

So the TSL230R is actually pretty simple, it really only has power, and signal out. But it has a bunch of extra pins so you can change sensitivity and output type if you want. We don’t care about changing the output format, but I did want to keep the β€œsensitivity select” open for you incase you need it.Schematic High Sensitivity Light Sensor TSL230R + Arduino

So just connect it up to your Arduino as shown in the image. Make sure to take note of either the larger pin in the bottom left (pin 4) or the circle on the top left (pin 1) to make sure you have it facing the right way.

For more detail: High Sensitivity Light Sensor TSL230R + ArduinoΒ 

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