FIND V2.0 – Never lose anything! Share or track via App

Keep losing things? Want to share & track belongings with friends? Locate bags/keys in an instant? Scheduled to ship in JUNE! #FIND

Kickstarter special pricing only during the campaign! MSRP will be $24.95 per FIND tag later. Back us now! Shipments scheduled in JUNE!

What does the FIND tag do?

The FIND is the best track & find tag which can be used to reliably prevent losing or misplacing belongings like keys, bags, pets, laptops, phones etc.

Want to track kids in a crowded environment? Ensure your pets do not go far away? FIND your keys easily early in the morning? Can’t remember where you kept your handbag? Track if your bags made it to your flight? Find your luggage easily on the luggage belt after a flight? Avoid forgetting your phone in a restaurant?

FIND V2.0 – Never lose anything! Share or track via App

The FIND can solve all your problems. We use reliable & proven battery powered Bluetooth low energy technology. We have fully functional tags under testing & refinement since the last 4 months.

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You can hook it or stick it to any item that you want to find immediately or do not want to lose.

The FIND has a reliable battery life with battery monitoring on the app which ensures that you do not run out of battery when you really want to find something!

FIND comes with four modes of operation:

1. Active tracking mode: Useful for getting an instant alarm if you lose anything behind! If the distance between the phone and the FIND goes beyond the set range, your phone sets off an alarm alerting you. The range is set by you!

2. Manual search mode: FIND your keys easily in the morning!! Useful for items like keys/bags, which you would search for when misplaced/if required.The alarm goes off on the FIND tag once you searched for the lost item from the app. If the item is far away, a map shows your location and the last known location of the misplaced item – to help in tracking.

3. Phone protect mode: Prevents you from losing your phone!! You can select this mode and keep a FIND device close to you – for example in a bag/pocket/wallet. If you forget the phone and start walking away, FIND will start beeping, hence preventing loss of the phone! Range can be customized.

4. Combined Mode : This mode is a combination of the phone protect mode and the active tracking mode. The combined mode sets an alarm on the phone as well as on the FIND when they go away from each other.

5. Items can also be shared. So go on and share your car keys with everyone in the house and anyone can track it on a map!

6. Multiple devices can be tracked at once. So one FIND tag can track your keys, one can track your kid or pet and another can prevent you from losing your phone!

You love your pets and we ensure that you never lose them with FIND!

FIND will come with a double side adhesive tape to stick it to any solid surface.

Stick it to any surface & never lose anything!


Range of the FIND is approximately 49 meters (160 feet) within line of sight.


For more detail: FIND V2.0 – Never lose anything! Share or track via App

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