The Fantastic MEGADOM MegaCube (Arduino Clone)

World’s smallest Arduino Mega clone: an enhanced electronics prototyping platform. Better than a Mega, smaller than an Uno!

So what is this thing, anyhow?

Mike, creator of the MegaCube, wanted to build a clone of an Arduino Mega, which is a flexible, easy to use hardware and software open source electronics development platform.  He wanted to build one that was…

  • Smaller (check out its size vs. a quarter below)
  • “Socket-able”
  • Allowed access to all 100 pins of the processor
  • Didn’t require expensive proprietary connectors
  • Used standard 0.1″ pitch spacing to make it Protoboard friendly

And, on top of all that, he wanted it to be more reasonably priced!

No, wait, really, what is it exactly?

The MegaCube is a programmable, reusable simple little computer.  It allows anyone, particularly software and hardware engineers, to try out ideas, creating prototypes of their own electronic gizmos, with much less grunt work. The MegaCube can gather feedback from external sensors (detect light, motion, temperature, etc.) and control actions (turn on motors, illuminate lights, synchronize and communicate with other devices, etc.)

The Fantastic MEGADOM MegaCube

There is related trend on the rise called the Maker Movement. This is a culture of invention, where people (not just engineers!) use tools like the MegaCube, 3D printers, CNC machines, robots, etc. to design their own things. The MegaCube is intended to act as the brains of the “things” in the Internet of Things (IoT).  Although it’s in its infancy now, you’ll hear more and more about the IoT in the next few years.

Neat!  I want one.  Is it for me?

The MegaCube is an affordable and enhanced electronics prototyping platform intended for the intermediate to pro user (while still usable by a beginner if paired with a BOSS) who is looking for more than what the Arduino Mega offers in a package that is smaller than an UNO and is easily embedded in a project at a lower cost than the Arduino Mega or its clone offerings.  For anyone interested in getting into the Maker Movement and Arduino world, the MegaCube along with the BOSS and an FTDI cable or ICSP programmer is all that you would need to get started.

You say it’s Socket-able, right?

The Embedded Break Out Shield System (eBOSS) – allows embedding the MegaCube in your own project.  It has solder tabs for all 100 pins and still allows the MegaCube to be neatly unplugged and reused in other projects Due to the 0.1″ pitch spacing of the pins, you can use our eBOSS or you can also solder your own female header pins on to protoboards to socket it directly into your own project.

I want to use it in place of a Mega.

The Break Out Shield System (BOSS) adapter changes the footprint of the MegaCube into an Arduino Mega footprint so it can easily be used anywhere you would have used a Mega.

Nice.  How can I keep it safe during testing?

The MegaCube Holder is made of ABS and protects the MegaCube from touching conductive surfaces during your development process.  Mike decided it might be an important addition when he fried one by absentmindedly setting it on his aluminum laptop.  Now if he can just get rid of the burn marks on his laptop…

I want a MegaCube and a shield!

Excellent!  Check out our eCombos for a MegaCube and an eBOSS or our Combos which includes a MegaCube and a BOSS or, if you want it all, go for our Ultimate Combo, which has the MegaCube, eBOSS, BOSS and Holder.

I’m in!  I want it before everyone else.

The first ten of each piece of hardware or hardware combo (excluding the Holders and Ultimate Combo) gets the Early Adopter price, so be quick about it!  Plus you get the honor of calling yourself an Early Adopter, and who doesn’t want such a noble title?  Seriously, we’ll post on Facebook or something about how tech-forward you are.  We mentioned your name will be on a piece of cool tech, right?

This is so cool, I wish my name was on it!

You are in luck.  Become one of our Sponsors and your name will appear on the BOSS, eBOSS, and yes, the MegaCube itself.  Seriously, you back us as a Sponsor and your name will be on every single MegaCube and Shield that we produce for this Kickstarter Campaign.  You will be immortalized!  Just imagine if one of these somehow makes it to space.  Then your name will be in space!  (We make no guarantees about your name making it to space.)


For more detail: The Fantastic MEGADOM MegaCube (Arduino Clone)

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