Double RC servo tester with OLED display

This is something I’ve already worked on but was never really happy with the result, mainly because the potentiometre that I used was of poor quality and hence non linear and “jumpy”…

The problem is simple: I need to have a reliable and easy to use servo tester, that I can use to test/play with a standard RC servo or ESC or anything else that uses the same control protocol.

Double RC servo tester with OLED display This necessity has arisen again quite recently, while working on the 2nd iteration of my ball balancing device.

So here’s my 2nd (and hopefully last) attempt at making something nice and functional…

There’s not much to this project, except some patience for the wiring and a quite expensive BOM for what it does 🙂

Again, not many bits went into it:

  • 2 rotary encoders from Sparkfun (with RGB LED on them, but unused)
  • 1 monochrome OLED from Adafruit
  • an Arduino nano pro clone from eBay


For more detail: Double RC servo tester with OLED display

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