DIY USB Line Power Meter Stick

Another DIY project designed with’s SoloPCB Designer tool is ready to be shared with Electro-Labs community. This is an USB stick which measures the supply voltage of the USB port and current drawn by the device connected to the port over the stick. Then it calculates the power consumption of the device and displays the whole information with the help of the small OLED display on the board. The stick itself is also powered from the USB port.

The board is built around an Atmel ATMEGA328 microcontroller. To make the circuit as small as possible, the MCU is used in minimal configuration. Internal 8MHz oscillator is used. The voltage and the current are measured by the internal 10 bit ADC. To make the measurements more accurate, an external 2.5V voltage reference IC, Microchip MCP1525 is included. The current is converted to voltage on a 0.01R sense resistor and precisely amplified by LT6106 before read. The stick can measure up to 2.5A. Since the OLED display requires 3.3V supply voltage, L78L33ACUTR linear voltage regulator is used for 5V to 3.3V conversion.

DIY USB Line Power Meter Stick

Circuit Design

The schematic of the project is drawn in SoloCapture, the schematic editor of SoloPCB Designer. SoloCapture makes the schematic drawing process very easy and fast. You can download SoloPCB Designer tools at for FREE.

You can download the SoloPCB design files of the project by using the link below.

For more Details: DIY USB Line Power Meter Stick

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