DIY Arduino CNC machine

Young maker and Arduino enthusiast Nikodem Bartnik has created a fantastic Arduino CNC machine by converting a Dremel cutting tool and using a selection of 3D printed parts and aluminium profiles.

CNC machine (1)

Components used to build the DIY Arduino CNC machine project include an Arduino Uno development board, CNC stepper shield running GRBL for control, together with NEMA 17 steppers and motor drivers, a relay for the Dremel, and a 12V / 30A power supply. Check out the video below to learn more about the project and see it in action.

CNC machine (2)

β€œI always wanted to have one of those fancy CNC machines that can mill metals. It’s cool and it gives you so many possibilities for next projects! I already have few ideas for projects with a CNC machine πŸ™‚ I just don’t know what to say my expectations for this machine were much lower, I am impressed by what this small and cheap machine is capable of! The last test that I have to do is to try milling aluminium with it, but I am afraid that I will destroy it :)”


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