How to Build a Night Light Circuit Using an Arduino

In this project, we will go over how to build a night light circuit using an arduino.
A night light circuit is a circuit which will turn on when nighttime comes, which is when it gets dark and the place could use some illumination.
How to Build a Night Light Circuit Using an Arduino
It is a common household device that is sold by pretty much all the major retailers.
The device can sense when it gets dark and will switch on a light so that there can be some illumination.
The device we will build in this project will be automatic in nature. As soon as it gets dark, the LED attached to our arduino board will turn on right away, automatically.
For this project, the main component we will use is a photoresistor. When we place a photoresistor in series with a resistor, a voltage divider is formed. Voltage will be allocated to the 2 components based on the each one’s respective resistance. More voltage will fall across the component with the greater resistance, according to ohm’s law, V=IR. We will exploit this principle in this circuit to determine the light level that our circuit is exposed to and this will determine whether our LED turns on or offz

Components Needed for the Night Light Circuit

  • Photoresistor
  • 10KΞ© Resistor
  • Arduino

Night Light Circuit Schematic

The schematic for the night light circuit is shown below:
How to Build a Night Light Circuit Using an Arduino Schemetic
For more detail: How to Build a Night Light Circuit Using an Arduino

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