Arduino Robot Bonanza by Gordon McComb E-Book


Bestselling robotics author shows how to build fun, affordable robots with Arduino

  • Guides readers through the construction of seven robots that roll, walk, talk, crawl, slither’and even sling insults
  • All projects are built using wildly popular Arduino microcontroller platform
  • Features illustrated, step-by-step instructions and assembly plans
  • Includes tips for adding options, alternatives, and customizations

Arduino Robot Bonanza by Gordon McComb

Table of Contents

Ch 1. Ins and Outs of the Arduino Microcontroller
Ch 2. Arduino as a Robot Brain
Ch 3. Connecting Things to the Arduino
Ch 4. Enhancing Your Robot with Sensors
Ch 5. Expanding the Arduino
Ch 6. Layout and Design
Ch 7. The TestBot Test Platform
Ch 8. Mini Kissing Bug
Ch 9. Animatronic Parrot
Ch 10. Your Robot Avatar
Ch 11. Slithering Snake
Ch 12. 18-Servo WalkerBot
Ch 13. PC-based Autonomous Robot
Ch 14. Crash Course in Electronics
Ch 15. Learning the Arduino Programming Language
Ch 16. Setting Up Your Robotics Laboratory

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Arduino Robot Bonanza by Gordon McComb E-Book

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