Arduino Day 2021 Challenges enter your Arduino project to win

If you are considering entering the Arduino Day Challenge this year, you will need to submit your project to the Arduino team by March 24th, 2021 for a chance to win the Arduino hardware and prizes on offer. The Arduino Day 2021 Challenge will award the top 10 community projects that stand out for their creativity and innovation.

Arduino Day 2021 Challenges enter your Arduino project to win

” The contest is open to everybody, whether you’re a beginner, a pro user, a student, or an artist. Everyone’s welcome to join the contest and share their innovative projects, big and small, with the rest of the community. We’ll select 10 projects that we feel demonstrate the most creative, innovative ideas, and send them an awesome Arduino Day box packed with our favorite boards, kits, and goodies, to a value of around €250 EUR/$280 USD. Moreover, the videos of the best projects will be featured on the official Arduino Day live stream that will take place on March 27th across all our channels! “

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Arduino Day contest (you can apply with this form) will be all about highlighting the incredible creativity of our community. This is our way of thanking our amazing users, whose passion, innovation and vision inspire us every day. Inspiration and community participation have never been more vital than during the pandemic, so this year we’ve made a special effort to instill a feeling of inclusivity and bringing people together. So the whole event this year has been given a theme of “undistancing”. We want Arduino Day to encourage people to collaborate, and create as one; to close the distance between us all virtually, until we’re all able to get back together physically.”

For more information and to submit your entry jump over to the official Arduino blog by following the link below.

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