Arduino Controlled Nerf Vulcan

Yes, this is exactly what the title says it is. This instructable will teach you how to control any Nerf Vulcan, with your Arduino. The provided tutorial will just shoot for 2.5 seconds, stop for 2.5 seconds, and so on. It is like a “hello world” program for controlling your Nerf Vulcan. It can easily be expanded to do whatever you want, you could use a proximity sensor to make security system, you could use an ethernet shield to shoot it remotely, the possibilities are endless.

Arduino Controlled Nerf Vulcan

Step 2: Making the first (and only) cut

In order to do this mod, you must open up Nerf Vulcan. It would be a pain to open up the whole gun, so you need to make just one cut. This will allow you to open up just specific region of the gun.
Begin by marking the region of the gun you are going to cut. (See second picture)
Then use what ever method you would like to cut along the line to the spot where both sides of the gun meet. There are many methods of doing this. I just used a saw. Choose you method of cutting, and slice it down the line.

Step 3: Open it up

There are a few screws that you need remove. Take out all of the screws to the right of the line you cut. Once the screws are removed, you can just take of the top part. It should be fairly straight forward if you did the previous step correctly.

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Step 4: Remove the cover to the on/off switch

To have access to the on/off switch itself, you are going to need to remove to little orange cap that goes onto it (see picture). This will allow you to see the on and off switch itself, without the thing that makes it look better.
Removing this cover is a remotely barbaric process. There is one accessible screw on the bottom of it, loosening and removing it won’t get you very far though. I took out that screw, realized that I couldn’t get to the second screw, and decided to just tear the cover off. It may be a bit crude, but it works.

Step 5: Pulling out the on/off switch

This process is even more crude. Perfectionists should look away right about now. The on and off switch sits surrounded by plastic, which can be just cut away. Scissors don’t normally work, so I use a sharp, sturdy knife. All you need to do for this step is to remove the switch from its place and keep it exposed.

Major Components in Project


Here is the list of what you’ll need:
1 Nerf Vulcan
1 Arduino or clone
1 5v Relay Switch
1 NPN Transistor
1 Diode
1 10k ohm Resistor
A Soldering Iron
1 Breadboard
Duct tape

For more detail: Arduino Controlled Nerf Vulcan

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