Arduino Compatible Bathtub controller

Lets start with a warning: this project controls water. Electricity and water really don’t mix and there is a real risk of electrocution and or death if you are not careful. Build this project at your own risk and I won’t be held responsible for anyone who builds this. make sure you use a battery to power this NOT a mains transformer of any kind. just be smart and be safe.

Any and all damages/injury incurred by the implementation of the information in this publication are the sole responsibility of the end user, I cannot accept any responsibility.

What is this? it is a arduino compatible (ATMEL 328p) based home bathtub controller.

this controller sets the depth, adds bubbles and monitors the temperature of a bathtub based on a user profile. v2.5 has support for Internet of things but it is not fully implemented.

Arduino Compatible Bathtub controller

But why? Well why not? ever wanted to have a bath ready at a touch of a button or from your smartphone(coming soon)?

Well now you can.

Basically this is an arduino compatible board that switches 3 relays, monitors the inlet temp with a DS18b20, the tub temp with a second arduino compatible board remotely via 434mhz and adds bubble bath via a hacked automatic soap dispenser. Version 2.5 will have wiznet Ethernet support.

This project was at Maker Faire NC 2013 & 2014 and was a hit.

Here is a video from Maker Faire NC 2013 where we had a full size demo going:

this is also my 1st instructable. Please vote for me in the competitions section if you liked it.

The Epilog Challenge VI Contest:

If i won the Zing, i would be able to make more enclosures for my projects along with laser etched pcb’s (silk layer) for the home made boards.

Arduino Compatible Bathtub controller board

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Main Board:

Parts are all through hole

• 1x 328p Atmega with arduino bootloader
1x DS18B20 I used one like this:
1x 434mhz receiver:
2x 10k resistor
2x 100ohm resistor
3x 2.2k resistor
1x 4.7k resistor
3x 1n4001 Diode (watch polarity)
3x n2222 transistors
1x 5mm led (I used white but any colour will do) – Optional power led
4x 0.1uf capacitors
1x 1000uf capacitor (watch polarity)
1x Power socket 2.1mm
1x 16mhz resonator:
3x 5v relays (only 2 used at this time)
1x LM7805 5v regulator with heatsink
1x Buzzer:

lots of 0.1inch Break Away Headers

a few 0.1inch female headers
Custom PCB (see files)
1x 12v fill valve, if using a pump extra precautions should be used.* I used something similar to this:…


resistors and capacitors are SMD805!!

• 1x 328p Atmega with arduino bootloader
1x 434mhz transmitter:
• 5x 10k resistor SMD805
• 4x 0.1uf capacitor
2x BC547
• 1x 16mhz resonator:
1x Custom PCB
1x Duck Enclousure Duckymeter:

a few 0.1inch female headers

Other Parts:

• 12v Sealed Lead Acid battery

FTDI programmer I used this one:

1x Lysol No-Touch Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser:
crimp connections for the battery terminals and pumps

• In-line fuse I put a 5 amp fuse in mine.
• 2.1mm barrel jack
Dupont cables to make the wires:
An Adafruit i2c lcd shield with buttons:
3x waterproof push buttons:
Enclosure (I have included the laser cut files but please note it is NOT waterproof)
OPTIONAL: Arduino Ethernet Sheild
OPTIONAL: Flowmeter:

NOTE: pcb and code is OK now!
The PCB traces are not thick enough to handle a pump, so you will need to add extra wire to make sure it is ok.

For more detail: Arduino Compatible Bathtub controller

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