Arduino Bluetooth-controlled Mini-Lift


We love our workshop, but it has one downside (or maybe upside) – a large flight of stairs to the gallery. We constantly need to move parts and components between one floor and the other, so we’ve been plotting different ideas: drones, dogs, carrier pigeons and what not, and then it hit us! A lift!

Since we recently added HC-05 Bluetooth Module to, we decided to try it out in this project.

Here’s a short video that shows how it works. Pretty neat huh?



Let’s start building!

1. Setting up

Start by making sure you have all the parts you need. There’s a list above that includes all the components for the project.

Then, go to the builder.


As you can see, the parts for this project are already pre-selected. You can change them if you need to – for example, if you have Arduino Micro instead of Uno, or if you want to use a different motor, and then click on Generate and you’ll see all the information you need.

2. Wiring

Scroll down after the list of components, and you’ll see a step-by-step wiring guide. Click on “next step” and “previous step” to browse between steps.

Looking at the circuit, we can see the two main components: Bluetooth and Stepper.

Connecting the Bluetooth

The HC-05 Bluetooth module has only 4 pins we’ll need to connect: TX, RX, GND and VCC. Technically you can connect them directly to the Arduino. We use a breadboard so that we can add more components.

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