Mini weather station

In this project, we will be making a mini weather station that measures temperature and humidity and transmits them wirelessly to a ground station, which displays the readings on an LCD display!

It’s a fairly easy project and can be used either on its own or part of something bigger.

Mini weather station

For this project, we will be using:

– RF 433 transmitter/receiver module cost: ~2.00 USD

– DHT11 Humidity and temperature sensor cost: ~5.00 USD

– Two Arduino boards

– 16×2 LCD display HD44780 equivalent cost: ~2.00 USD

– 10k linear potentiometer cost: ~1.00 USD

– Jumper wires

– Two breadboards

About the RX433.

This module can make an open air connection up to 500m, depending on the voltage you power it with (operating voltage range: 3.5-12V) and the length of the antenna you provide. Here, 5V are used from the Arduino board to power the RF433. For an antenna, you can solder a simple single-strand wire, like the one you see on the various pictures, which is about 17.2cm long. Depending on the frequency of your model, you should find out the appropriate length for the antenna.

You can calculate it on a website like this: /kd4sai/antencal.html. But if you use a 433MHz transmitter, 17.2cm is the correct antenna length.

For more Details: Mini weather station

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