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Arduino is an open-source platform that makes DIY electronics projects easier than ever. Readers with no electronics experience can create their first gadgets within a few minutes. This book is up-to-date for the new Arduino Uno board, with step-by-step instructions for building a universal remote, a motion-sensing game controller, and many other fun, useful projects.

See “some photos”:[email protected]/sets/72157624195730498/ of projects built by our readers over on Flickr. (And if you have photos of your project, please send them to [email protected]).

With this Quick-Start Guide you’ll be creating your first gadgets within a few minutes, following the step-by-step instructions and photos throughout the book. You’ll build your own motion-sensing game controller with a three-axis accelerometer, connect the Arduino to the Internet and program both client and server applications, and create a universal remote with an Arduino and a few cheap parts. Plus, you’ll build your own burglar alarm that emails you whenever someone’s moving in your living room, integrate Nintendo’s Wii Nunchuk into your projects, make binary dice, learn how to solder, and more.

Sidebars throughout the book point you to exciting real-world projects using the Arduino, plenty of exercises will extend your skills, and “What If It Doesn’t Work” sections help you troubleshoot common problems.

With Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, beginners can quickly join the worldwide community of hobbyists and professionals who use the Arduino to prototype and develop fun, useful inventions.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Arduino Way

Chapter 3: The Arduino Platform

Chapter 4: Really Getting Started with Arduino

Chapter 5: Advanced Input and Output

Chapter 6: Talking to the Cloud

Chapter 7: TroubleshootingThe BreadboardReading Resistors and Capacitors Arduino Quick ReferenceReading Schematic Diagrams

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Arduino A Quick-Start Guide by Maik Schmidt E-Book

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