ADI low noise MEMS microphone targets mobiles

The ADMP504 is a high performance, very low noise, low power, analog output, bottom-ported omnidirectional MEMS microphone. The ADMP504 consists of a MEMS microphone element, an impedance converter and an output amplifier. The ADMP504 sensitivity specification makes it an excellent choice for both near field and far field applications. The ADMP504 is function- and pin-compatible with the ADMP404 microphone, providing an easy upgrade path.

The ADMP504 has very high SNR and extended wideband frequency response, resulting in natural sound with high intelligibility. Low current consumption enables long battery life for portable applications. The ADMP504 complies with the TIA-920 Telecommunications Telephone Terminal Equipment Transmis- sion Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline Telephones standard.

The ADMP504 is available in an ultraminiature 3.35 mm × 2.5 mm × 0.88 mm surface-mount package. It is reflow solder compatible with no sensitivity degradation. The ADMP504 is halide free.


  •     Tiny 3.35 mm × 2.5 mm × 0.88 mm surface mount package
  •     Omnidirectional Response
  •     Very high SNR of 65 dBA
  •     Sensitivity of –38 dBV
  •     Extended frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 kHz
  •     Low current consumption:
  •     < 180 uA
  •     Single-ended analog output
  •     120 dB maximum SPL
  •     High PSR of 70 dBV
  •     Compatible with Sn/Pb and
  •     Pb-free solder processes
  •     RoHS/WEEE compliant


  •     Smartphones and feature phones
  •     Tablet computers
  •     Teleconferencing systems
  •     Digital still & video cameras
  •     Bluetooth headsets
  •     Notebook PCs
  •     Security and surveillance


Analog Devices has announced its lowest-noise MEMS (micro electromechanical system) microphone.

The microphone’s SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is 65dBA, or 29-dBA EIN (equivalent input noise). According to the supplier, this is the same SNR performance as an array of two individual 62dB SNR microphones.

The ADMP504 microphone has a frequency response up to 20kHz and a high PSR (power-supply-rejection) of 70dBV.

It is available in a 3.35mm x 2.50mm x 0.88mm surface-mount package.

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Analog Devices believes the MEMS microphone can match the cost and useability of traditional electret condenser microphones (ECMs) in volume consumer applications like mobile phones.

There three factors drive MEMS technology: potential for higher audio quality, the small size and the presence in the market of multiple suppliers will affect the take-up of MEMS microphones.


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