40+ home automation project ideas using the Arduino Cloud

Those of you interested in building your very own automation systems may be enjoyed reading the new home automation page created by the official Arduino team. The new resource provides over 40+ home automation project ideas allowing you to utilize the Arduino Cloud and create a wide variety of projects from a smart pantry to sprinkler controls and home automated and watering systems. The resources split into five categories across lifestyle, smart home, security, entertainment and gardening/agriculture making it easy to find inspiration for your next Arduino project.

“It can be daunting building a home automation system from scratch. But it really doesn’t need to be. This is one of the most useful, exciting and educational endeavours you can undertake, but there’s one warning: it’ll be a lot more fun than you expect, and home automation can become incredibly addictive! At the new home automation page are a bunch of ideas that can easily and effectively make a difference to your home and lifestyle.”

Home automation projects

“Home automation has increasingly become a need in our lives. Without even noticing it we have been adding connected elements to our homes and buildings to make our lives easier and nowadays we are surrounded by electronic devices that monitor our environment, control our lighting systems and appliances, and even give us peace of mind by home security systems. Our expectations go even further as we interact with devices remotely using our mobile handsets or locally with voice activated smart speakers.”

“Although the commercial ecosystem of products that we can find is huge, it is also a fact that most of the solutions are still very expensive to solve simple problems. Furthermore, there are still many uncovered solutions that could be easily developed integrating existing elements.”

Jump over to the official Arduino resource via the link below to view over 40 Arduino Cloud projects.

Source: 40+ home automation project ideas using the Arduino Cloud

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