3D Printed Arduino RC Airboat With Controller

This is a project that combines the knowledge of 3D printing and Arduino. It is a good beginners project for anyone interested in making their own RC boat or just interested in using 3D printing and Arduino for their own creations.


Look at step 1 for Supplies

Step 1: Supplies

Electronic components needed for the Airboat:

Electronic components needed for the controller:

For the physical part of this project like the hull of the boat, case of the controller and propeller…etc. You will need a 3D printer or access to 3D printer to print these part.(The photo only include some of the components)

Step 2: Print the Parts

Number of prints:

  • 1x Controller Case
  • 1x Controller Cover
  • 1x Boat Hull
  • 1x Mast
  • 1x Fin
  • 2x Propeller Hub
  • 3x Propeller with n4415(clockwise)
  • 3x Propeller with n4415(counterclockwise)

Please print them separately except the propeller parts you can print them all in one go. Also, remember printing orientation matter find the best orientation for your 3D printer to print on.

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