12V NE555 PWM Controller

While making my mini table saw I bought a 12 V motor speed controller module from eBay. Fair enough, I thought … that was an easier and straight forward solution. But then I decided to make my own.

12V NE555 PWM Controller

I did some hunting around on the interweb and found a pretty good starting point in Circuits Today, but then, I needed to make some modification and tweaking of the circuit. I wanted to add in a toggle switch, a DC power socket and a 2 pin screw terminal into the design to make it easier to make and use.

There were some other minor alterations that I made to the design as I went, for convenience and to meet my specific needs.

I also want to point out that this circuit is not simply a motor speed controller, but a PWM controller. On the one hand, that means that it can do a lot more than just vary the speed of a DC motor. This circuit will output a 12 volt current with a varying duty cycle. It can be used as 12 V DC:

  • Motor Speed Controller;
  • LED Dimmer;
  • Heat controller for a Polystyrene Hot Wire cutter;
  • voltage controller for an electrolytic etcher; and
  • etc.

The applications for this circuit are limited only by its 12 V DC nature. How you apply that is up to your imagination and experimentation. For instance, I’m thinking of using this circuit to make a vibrating platform for agitating my PCB production acid bath …

Parts you will need

All parts were purchased from eBay.

  • 1 x 0.01 uF ceramic capacitor
  • 1 x 0.1 uF ceramic capacitor
  • 2 x 1N4001 rectifier diodes
  • 1 x 1N4004 rectifier diodes
  • 1 x IRF530 100 V 14 A TO-200AB MOSFET
  • 1 x TO-220 heat sink
  • 1 x 2 pin screw terminal
  • 1 x DC Barrel Jack (female)
  • 1 x 100 ohm resistor
  • 1 x 1k ohm resistor
  • 1 x SPDT toggle switch
  • 1 x NE555 timer IC
  • 1 x 8 pin DIL socket
  • 1 x 100k ohm potentiometer
  • 1 x 70 x 100 single sided PCB
  • some connection wire

All of this cost me around $2.90 AUD

Step 1: The Circuit PDF

These PDF provide you with the printable circuit board for producing the NE555 PWM controller.

  • C1 – 0.01 uF
  • C2 – 0.1 uF
  • D1 and D2 – 1N4001
  • D3 – 1N4004
  • R1 – 100 ohm
  • R2 – 1K ohm

Take care with the orientation of the 555 timer and note the notch location. All other parts are pretty clearly indicated on the board.

There are 3 jumpers on the board. From GND to C1, from pin 7 of the 555 to D1 and from GND to the IRF530 Source pin.

The switch (top left) is not labelled in the PCB view, however, it is pretty straight forward. Also, there is a through hole below the IRF530, this is for the post of your heat sink.

Read more: 12V NE555 PWM Controller

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