SOMO-II MP3 Player

The Sound Module-II or the SOMO-II is a small and efficient audio module from 4D Systems that is able to play .mp3 or .wma audio files in the convenience of accessing it within a microSD card or a USB Flash drive (by using external components). The aim of this project is to showcase the basic functions of the SOMO-II Audio Module such as the Play, Pause/Stop, Next, Previous and the Volume controls. The equa ...

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DJ Mixer featuring 4Duino-24

The 4Duino DJ Mixer is a fun and interactive project similar to a keyboard MIDI Controller that has the ability to play sample beats and songs. Before, DJ and music artist needs to use computers, recording and playback devices before they can mix and play their own customized music. But using this project, the user can utilize the 4Duino LCD screens and the 4D SOMO-II music module. The 4Duino will serve as ...

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