Verve 2 is like Arduino for people without programming skills

LEGOs of the future. Create amazing projects by plugging the world around you to your computer or internet.

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VERVE2 is the world’s easiest-to-use tool for creating amazing projects. Simply plug a sensor into the VERVE and use our app to convert the sensors into keyboard, mouse, text, email, IFTTT, etc. commands. Or log sensor data and see it real-time on your computer, mobile, or tablet anywhere in the world through the internet. Or connect it directly to your website, app, Windows, or Mac game. NO PROGRAMMING OR ELECTRONICS KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. It literally takes 5 minutes to get started.

Everybody’s exploring to see how they can connect the physical world to the digital world. It’s exciting and fun, but it also requires specialized knowledge of electronics and computer programming. We think that shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity, which is why we created VERVE2. VERVE2 allows anyone to create awesome projects that monitor the physical world to control the digital world and internet.

VERVE2 gets your stuff on the internet, fast!
The VERVE2 is THREE awesome products in one. First, like its predecessor (VERVE1), it is a sensor system that you can use to easily control your favorite games or apps with the world around you. Second, it’s a web data server that lets you read sensor data through the internet. Third, it’s a full blown, easy-to-use data acquisition system that lets you collect and monitor data for your own research projects.

VERVE2, the ultimate educational technology toy
VERVE2 is an amazingly fun educational toy that gently brings physical computing to budding technologists and creators. With VERVE2, students learn about computers, science, technology, problem solving, and creativity. The kit comes ready-to-go, out of the box, with eight super useful sensors and plenty of fun games and apps to try. VERVE2 is absolutely fantastic for science fair projects, it lets students “learn, do, and demonstrate.” There is no other product like this on the market!

Verve 2 is like Arduino for people without programming skills

Home monitoring, YOUR way
You can buy products that monitor your home or office, but those are specialized systems. Why not design and build your own monitoring system, and create your own custom solution? With VERVE2 it’s super simple. Try out your own ideas, then implement them in minutes.

Data, data, data!
With VERVE2 you can be master of data collection. Every sensor can be logged, either on your local computer or on the internet, and that data can be saved as CSV files for studying later. Do you want to know how many times your refrigerator was opened last month? Or how long the lights are on? Or how fast a piece of machinery is running? No problem! VERVE2 makes it super easy to log and record up to eight sensors at once.

Let’s change the world, together!
We’re in a technology revolution, as we enter the age of the Internet of Things. For the first time, technology is cheap, ubiquitous, and available to everyone. But technology still needs to become human-centric, our experiences with technology should be natural and meaningful. Who’s going to change that? This innovative work doesn’t have to be relegated to elite researchers in ivory towers and engineers in million dollar research labs.


For more detail: Verve 2 is like Arduino for people without programming skills

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