uVolume T-32 USB Volume & Media Control Update


Arduino Compatible (Atmel Atmega32u4)
Manual volume adjustment using the rotary encoder
(IR) Infra red  remote control of volume and multimedia controls.
Apple remote or user defined
Visual and audible Feedback
RGB Lighting Customization’s

uVolume T-32 USB Volume & Media Control Update

Manual Control:

Volume Up Or Down, Mute

IR Remote Control:

Volume Up Or Down, Mute,  Previous Track, Next

Track, Play/Pause Track, Stop Track.

Here’s a quick tip for creating via’s on a home etch double sided board. Thread old component leads though at least two via’s.This method holds the wires in place while soldering. Afterwards the excess wire can be snipped off.


More detail: uVolume T-32 USB Volume & Media Control Update

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