Triquint launches GaN transistor with 6GHz bandwidth


The TriQuint T1G6001528-Q3 is a 18 W (P3dB) discrete GaN on SiC HEMT which operates from DC to 6 GHz and typically provides greater than 10 dB gain at 6 GHz. The device is constructed with TriQuint’s proven 0.25 um process, which features advanced field plate techniques to optimize power and efficiency at high drain bias operating conditions. This optimization can potentially lower system costs in terms of fewer amplifier line-ups and lower thermal management costs.

This part is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Evaluation boards are available upon request.

Key Features

  • Frequency: DC to 6 GHz
  • Output Power (P3dB): 18 W at 6 GHz
  • Linear Gain: > 10 dB at 6 GHz
  • Operating Voltage: 28 V
  • Low thermal resistance package

Triquint launches GaN transistor with 6GHz bandwidth

TriQuint Semiconductor has introduced a gallium nitride (GaN) packaged HEMT RF power transistor that has a bandwidth of DC to 6 GHz.

The combination of high output power, efficiency and bandwidth has commercial wireless communications designs in mind as well as traditional military and avionics.

“Nearly every application today requires RF power devices that are optimised for not just one, but all performance parameters,” said Richard Martin, TriQuint defense and aerospace transistor marketing manager.

The T1G6001528-Q3 is fabricated using TriQuint’s proven 0.25?m GaN on SiC process. It incorporates advanced field plate techniques designed to enhance RF output power and efficiency at high drain bias operating conditions.

The expectation is that fewer RF power transistors and amplifiers are required to deliver a specific power level.

“Compared to even robust technologies like GaAs, GaN provides superior wideband power, efficiency and gain. Our new packaged transistor delivers its 18W output power with extremely high-efficiency, greater than 60% at 6 GHz, while providing the high gain and ruggedness today’s applications require,” said Martin.

The T1G6001528-Q3 operates from a 28Vdc power supply, will deliver its rated output power into a 10:1 VSWR without damage, and is housed in a low-thermal resistance earless solder-down package.

Typical linear gain is 10dB and drain efficiency greater than 60% at 6 GHz, maximum VSWR of 10:1, from 28Vdc supply.


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