Tiq Probe – an easy to use tool for debugging maker projects

tiq – see what’s happening inside your Arduino, RasPi, robot or 3D printer – no settings, just probe and tiq tells you – automatically!

tiq – high-performance debugging without adjustments or range switching

tiq is designed to be the first tool you’ll use when chasing issues in your electronic project, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, internet-of-things-thing or robot – automatically giving you fast, detailed information in an easy-to-connect handheld probe. No other tool has ever offered tiq’s unique combination of powerful features – or its low price!

Tiq Probe – an easy to use tool for debugging maker projects

Here’s a one minute video showing just tiq’s key and unique features (if you don’t have time for the 3 minute video above) :

Simply touch tiq to a circuit and it instantly displays repetitive pulse activity and timing or detailed logic level analysis with voltage measurements. Fully automatically, no settings or adjustments required! The information is on a crisp LCD screen close to the probe tip, augmented by LED colors and audible tones, so you don’t have to look away at a screen, risking those dangerous probe slips!

tiq displaying logic level (LCD, LED, voltage and audio)

tiq is a high-performance logic debug tool, plus a voltmeter that works from +28Vdc to -13Vdc, great for motors, servos, sensors and power supplies.Recognizing when problems arise they are often in challenging places, tiq even has a bright LED light to illuminate the problem area!

tiq displaying a non-logic voltage (with red LED caution)

tiq is also ideal for schools, students, production lines and repair shops – giving immediate and accurate timing, level and voltage measurements with absolutely no training!

tiq is not only an analyzer, it provides a powerful, programmable digital pulse generator – so you can provide stimulus to circuits under test, or exercise a servo, motor or LED driver – without a separate, bulky, expensive pulse generator!

tiq’s high-performance programmable pulse generator

tiq Features Summary

  • Perfect for microprocessor-based project test & debug
  • For professionals, makers, hobbyists, students, enthusiasts
  • Handheld, displays information close to the probe tip
  • Logic level probe with LCD, LED and audible indicators (logic high (3.3V or 5V), low or float (illegal level))
  • Logic pulse analyzer (frequency, pulse high & low time, duty cycle (frequency to 20MHz, repetitive pulse analysis to <100nS)
  • Auto-ranging and auto-polarity voltmeter (+28Vdc to -13Vdc)
  • Built-in logic pulse generator (<100nS to 999mS, ‘n’ pulse burst or continuous pulses, 3.3V or 5V logic level output)
  • USB power connector – connect directly to your development PC, USB adapter or USB battery (for portable use)

tiq powered from your development computer, or any other USB power source. tiq has 2 additional grounding pins for connection to your circuit.


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