Time Sensing Bracelet using arduino

The Time Sensing Bracelet is a fabric potentiometer. You select your desired time of day by making contact in the corresponding position on your wrist – where your watch would normally be.
There is no point to it but fun.
Time Sensing Bracelet
Update: Using some wire wrapped around the central popper to make contact with the resistive ring (circular potentiometer). Unfortunately (though cool too) the Eexonyx fabric is pressure sensitive, thus its resistance varies also on the pressure applied, not only on the position of contact.
Plus, the contact between the wire and Eeonyx is not stable enough. But this is a design issue that can be solved:-)

Step 1: Materials and Tools


also see http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/resource/eontex_conductive_fabric

also see http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/resource/conductive_thread

also see http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/resource/stretch_conductive_fabric

  • Fusible interfacing from local fabric store or

also see http://www.shoppellon.com


    • Fabric scissors
    • Sewing needle
    • Iron
    • Soldering station (iron, helping hands, solder)
    • Knife for cutting perfboard
    • File for filing edges of perfboard
    • Wire cutters and strippers
    • Pliers


Time Sensing Bracelet

Step 2: Trace and cut stencils

Print out the stencil (see illustration) and trace it to a piece of neoprene. Trace the circle onto a piece of stretch conductive fabric that has fusible interfacing adhered to one side. Trace the disconnected ring and the small rectangle to a piece of Eeonyx fabric that has fusible interfacing adhered to one side.
Cut out all the pieces

Step 3: Fusing

Lay the circle, ring and rectangle into place and fuse with an iron.
!Careful: the Eeonyx fabric will stick to your iron, be sure to put a piece of wax paper in between.


For more detail: Time Sensing Bracelet

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