[Team PGH] – Prototype I Final Report: [Motion RC Car] using arduino


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[Team PGH] – Prototype I Final Report [Motion RC Car]

In today’s growing technology, it seems every little electronic is becoming touch or motion sensored. Our team wanted to incorporate that type of technology into a non traditional device. We modified an RC car toy to be controlled by motion instead of the traditional remote. The project’s materials list are as followed: arduinos, h-bridge motor chip, bread board, xbee transmitter/receivers, RC car, accelerometer, (possibly) tilt switch, and (possibly) flex sensors.


Our team bought a regular RC car toy with four basic functions: turn left, turn right, reverse, and accelerate. We then took the car apart to analyze the circuit and internals of the car. The car is powered by a 7.2V battery in which we will use to power the arduino and xbee. The battery will of course power the car’s two motor which the arduino will control.


[Team PGH] – Prototype I Final Report [Motion RC Car]

To control the car, we opted to use the xbee communicator to send and receive signals between the two arduinos. The other arduino (the remote) will be attached to a human arm in which the arm will act as the control. Attached to the breadboard will be an accelerometer for motion type function, a tilt switch for acceleration or decceleration and a flex sensor for turning. Our team is working on the coding for the simple functions of turning and accelerating the car using a push button. We are in the progress of working on a code to incorporate the accelerometer and other sensors as our project progress.


For more detail: [Team PGH] – Prototype I Final Report: [Motion RC Car]

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