TCS34901 Color Sensor Color light-to-digital converter with 5th IR Channel Vdd I²C

The TCS3490 device provides color and IR (red, green, blue, clear and IR) light sensing. The color sensing provides for improved accuracy lux and color temperature measurements typically used to adjust the backlight intensity and correct the display color gamut. Additionally it can be used for light source type detection as it reports the IR content of the light.

TCS34901 Color Sensor

Key Features

  • RGBC and ALS Support
  • Power Management Features
  • Programmable Gain & Integration Time
  • Circular Segmented RGBC Photodiode
  • High Sensitivity
  • RGBC + IR sensor

Key Benefits

  • Single Device Integrated Optical Solution
  • Color Temperature and Ambient Light Sensing
  • Equal Response to 360 degree incident light
  • Ideal for Operation Behind Dark Glass
  • Light Source Detection

Product Facts

Supply Voltage [V] 2.7-3.6
Interface 1.8V, Vdd
Color Sensor Channels RGBC & IR
IR Blocking Filter
Temperature Range [°C] -40 to 70
Packages 6-pin FN


For More Detail :  TCS34901 Color Sensor Color light-to-digital converter with 5th IR Channel Vdd I²C

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