Alarm Clock with Tetris to Prove You’re Awake using Arduino

This is an Arduino powered alarm clock that after hitting snooze twice the alarm will not cancel until the user has cleared 4 lines in the game Tetris. You physically turn the clock sideways, so the screen is vertical, to play Tetris.  It's never fun to wake up in the morning but playing a little Tetris is at least somewhat enjoyable and quite effective. Feel free to vote for me in the microcontriller conte ...

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The Tetris Pumpkin using an Arduino

Who wants grinning faces and candles when you can have an interactive pumpkin this Halloween? Play your favorite block-stacking game on an 8x16 grid carved into the face of the gourd, lit by LEDs and using the stem as a controller. This is a moderately advanced project and requires experience soldering and programming in the Arduino environment. You'll be working with organic matter and all its inherent qui ...

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