Temperature Monitoring with Arduino MKR1000 and ARTIK Cloud

Setup an Arduino MKR1000 board to read temperature data and send those readings to ARTIK Cloud for monitoring. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Temperature Sensor × 1 Software apps and online services Samsung ARTIK Cloud for IoT Story This project setup an Arduino MKR1000 board which reads temperature data and sends those data to Artik cloud. The project consists of three ...

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Temperature Data Logger

A temperature data logger, is a portable measurement device that is able to recording temperature over a defined period of time automatically. The data can be retrieved and viewed after it has been recorded. in this device the temperature will record every one minutes in CSV file. Step 1: You Will Need 1- Arduino Nano. 2- SD card Module. 3- SD Card. 4- RTC Module DS1307 (provide date and timekeeping) . 5- L ...

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