Arduino Laser Tag – Duino Tag

Duino tagger- General introduction Duino tag is a laser tag system based around the arduino. Finally a laser tag system that can be tweaked modded and hacked until you have the perfect laser tag system for office ordnance, woodland wars and suburban skirmishes. Laser tag is combat game like paintball or airsoft without the pain, it uses infrared light (IR) to simulate the tagging / shooting of other players ...

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Flashlight tag using an Arduino board

You probably know the game of flashlight-tag. You just run around in the dark on a campsite. You hold your flashlight and try to shine it on one of the other kids, without the other kids shining their lights on you. I wanted to make this game electronic. The Arduino is my first choice, but would be a bit expensive. I would need one Arduino for each player. The next clip from "Make:" gave me the idea of usin ...

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