Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car

Nowadays smartphones can be used to control a host of electrical and electronic devices including motors, music systems and lights. Here we present an Arduino based robot car, which can be controlled using an Android smartphone having ArduinoRC application installed in it. This bot receives commands from your smartphone with the help of a Bluetooth module. The authors’ prototype is shown in Fig. 1. Authors’ ...

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With your Smart Phone and Arduino MKR1000 Blink a LED

The idea is to test the Arduino MKR1000, controlling the on board LED from your smart phone (this case iPhone SE. Hacksterlive Bogota. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Apple iPhone × 1 Software apps and online services Snappy Ubuntu Core Evothings Studio Evothings Studio has a example for the ESP8266, here the code was modified for the MKR1000 Story The idea is to test the ...

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Control MeArm Robot With MKR1000 And Your Smartphone

This project allows you to control a MeArm Robot with your smartphone, as if you had many potentiometers in your hands. Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino MKR1000 × 1 Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD - 16x2 White on Blue × 1 meArm × 1 Story At first, I wanted to train myself to the wifi network thanks to Arduino ... to quickly put myself in mind to control a robot ...

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