Single Digit Decimal counter using Arduino

“Hello world”,I am not going to start this blog with typical “Hello world” program,since lot of resources already covered Arduino way of telling “hello world”,that is Blinking a LED. This project is absolutely for beginners who prefers to run than taking a walk,I am going to control 7 segment display to automatically count numbers from 1-9 using Arduino,well I hope you know the basics of 7 segment display.I ...

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Pi…In A Single Digit using an Arduino

Ah yes. It has been a long time since I posted an Instructable...well here goes: It has been a while since I have been otivated to write an 'ible. During this idle time I have been writing, rewriting and editing code as well as designing lots of PCBs. For my new ible which I have refined the code for I have made the Arduino Uno display pi one digit at a time I only went so far.(depending on how many digits ...

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Clock Two – Single digit clock using Arduino

Time for another instalment in my irregular series of clock projects. (Or should that be “Time for another instalment in the series of irregular clock projects”?) In contrast with the extreme “blinkiness” of Clock One, in this article we describe how to build this single-digit digital clock: Once again the electronics of the clock will be based from an Arduino-compatible board with a DS1307 real-time clock ...

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