Simple Arduino Wing Shield

I buy a lot of these stackable Arduino header sets because they are handy for a lot of things. I make some breakout boards with them, I use them to add some clearance between a taller shield and the next shield that I am stacking on top, and sometimes they are necessary when a shield doesn't come with headers or comes with only male headers. I recently found this set of stacking headers on Adafruit that inc ...

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Improved Simple Wing Shield using arduino

Not too long ago, I made my own version of the popular Wing Shield out of some spare parts and scraps of perf board I had laying around. Instead of the screw terminals that the regular wing shield uses, I used some female headers that I soldered to some Arduino stackable header pins. This time I did something a little different and it makes the new ones much better. I figured out that I can bend the pins on ...

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