Wi-fi browser controlled servomotors

This instructable shows how to control some servomotors remotely in a wi-fi network, using an ordinary internet browser (Firefox, for instance). This might be used in several applications: toys, robots, drones, camera pan/tilt, etc. The motors were attached to an Arduino Uno, which connects the wi-fi network through a ESP-8266 module. The control interface was designed with HTML and jQuery. Miguel's tutoria ...

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Simple Robotic Arm Project Using Arduino

Nowadays, manual labor is being reduced at big scale industries and factories to increase efficiency and gain profit by installing robots that can do repetitive works. A onetime installation of such a device may cost a huge amount, but in the long run, will turn out to be more profitable that manual labor. Out of the lot, a simple robotic arm is one of the most commonly installed machines. We are introducin ...

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