SMA Solar readout – part 1

This is the first post of a 3-part series about reading out an SMA solar inverter over Bluetooth and displaying some readings every few seconds. Long-time readers may remember the Solar at last weblog post from several years ago and the SMA Relay, based on a JeeNode v6. The Bluetooth readout code was derived from Stuart Pittaway’s Nanode SMA PV Monitor code. This project is for a friend who’s birthday is co ...

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Using the Arduino Serial Port

The Arduino Uno can send data (such as a text message) to the PC over the USB cable. The Arduino IDE has a serial monitor window that can be opened and will receive and display the data sent from the Arduino board. Data can also be sent to the Arduino board from the serial monitor. This serial communication is very useful for controlling electronics that is connected to (interfaced to) the Arduino board fro ...

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Using Processing to Send Values using the Serial Port to Arduino

In this write-up, I’ll show how to create a value in Processing and then send this value over the serial port to the Arduino. In the example I’m setting values of LEDs making them brighter or dimmed but this example can be extended to control other items – which I plan to do later! Basically I’m going to set a value between 0 and 255 and then send this value to Arduino which will then use the analogWrite() ...

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