Wooden Digital Clock is controlled over WiFi

Wooden Digital Clock with - Time, Temperature, Humidity, Alarm - WiFi controller through web browser - Advance display config - Stop alarm by vibration sensor size : 64 x 64 x 79 mm i use PLA with wood veneer instead of full wood my room's too small for put woodworking tools If want view detail all steps, you can watch video Step 1: PCB - Display This step for make PCB (two layer) display module (if cannot ...

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The SilentSwitcher, A Quiet Mains-free Power Supply

Audio projects become smaller over time with the rapid advancement of technology. A traditional power supply is still considered large compared to audio projects size constraints and it may not fit such delicate applications that need to deliver a good sound with zero noise. Jan Didden, audio specialist who is known for his own publications Linear Audio, has came up with a new idea that can help in perfecti ...

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Product How-to: Ultra-low noise linear regulators for powering PLL/VCO and clocking ICs

Wideband communication systems usually require an ultra-low noise regulator to power the VCOs and PLLs. The regulator must also be able to reject any ripple presented at its input. In a typical system, an ac input is converted to an isolated dc supply rail, –48-V, for example. This rail is then converted to an isolated 12-V or 5-V system rail that powers the main components in the communication system. This ...

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